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13.10.2010, 11:34
Sochi city, Russia - it absent in Google maps, but present in OSM - http://osm.org/go/x@QiIq3--

Search by google have no result, how can i use OSM search in Skobber app?

skobbler team
13.10.2010, 11:45
Hi Artyom,
Thank you for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem while using skobbler.Can you give us more details about how you perform the search because it seams to find the Sochi city in the Region of Krasnodar.
skobbler team.

13.10.2010, 11:51
Yes, it findes, but only 1 point. I entering any street, but result is allways one "Sochi city in the Region of Krasnodar".

my place of work town - Сочи, Street - Северная, housenumber - 10.

skobbler team
13.10.2010, 12:28
Thanks for reporting this issue, a solution for these kind of problems is under work and it will make it to the app at some point in the future.
skobbler team

13.10.2010, 12:30
I know - search in osm - not simple :)
Can you add "pin tool" to set start and end point?

skobbler team
13.10.2010, 12:39
The "pin tool" is definitely on our list - however, it's gonna be a while before it'll be included into the app. Other great things are to come sooner though. Promised.
skobbler team