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13.10.2010, 01:37
first off just want to say you have done a great job, i've only just started using it and find the UI very well designed and in my case quite accurate based on limited use in a large metro area.

did want to post with a quick question about routing of audio and support for Bluetooth. with an iPhone4 i've noticed the audio advice will route to Bluetooth when there is an active call but i can't seem to get the audio to route to Bluetooth when not on a call and sometimes it seems the audio won't transition back to the iPhone (just goes away) when the call is terminated. i also have a hard cable for the iPhone which i've not tried yet, just thought i would post to see if anyone has any words of wisdom around using the app with bluetooth. it might be a licensing matter i suppose to hook into the bluetooth stack?

i have to say, really glad i didn't decide to include the nav option when i purchased the car, i much prefer the idea of an open map service with community updates and a really nice interface. again, nice one.

skobbler team
13.10.2010, 10:03
Hi sheydorn,
We are glad you appreciate our application and the use of open street maps.We will investigate the bluetooth problem you have and get back to you as soon as we can.
Thanks for your interest in skobbler.

21.10.2010, 23:06
I am *very* impressed by the functionality and accuracy of Skobbler based on my first test routing, including several reroutes as I took my own path home from work today. I don't really know if this qualifies as a bug, but the voice prompts appeared several times to either be truncated or inaccurate as regards distances (inaccurate, as in, at one point, I was told to continue for 120 miles when I was only fifteen miles from home). The truncations seem to be clipping the distances most of the time when that occurs. Otherwise, terrific so far.

skobbler team
22.10.2010, 11:01
Hi elspode,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I informed the iPhone and QC teams and they will start investigating this issues as soon as possible.
Thanks for your interest in skobbler.