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09.10.2010, 22:40
Skobbler gives 4 "Now bear right" advice messages in a short space of time along the road given by bug:

I cannot see anything in the OSM data that would lead to a "bear right" being needed. The OSM data is clean with no repeated nodes.

If I plan the route directly on the CloudMade site, there are no "bear right" instructions there, so it must be something that is "added" when using Skobbler itself.

I need this to be explained so I know how to fix the bug (if it's not a bug in the Skobbler code).

skobbler team
12.10.2010, 10:53
Thank you for getting in touch. Iím sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem while using skobbler .
Could it be possible that you give details about what route were you coming from before entering A61? and where you were heading to? Also a what moment did you get this "bear right" instructions? Were you already on A61 or were you planing to leave A61?

Please also give me more details about how many "bear right" instruction did you have.

We will investigate and we will try to fix this issue. Thanks a lot again for your interest on our product.

12.10.2010, 15:04
The details of the instructions can be seen on the report:

The route was from Sheffield to Derby, travelling all the way along the A61, so I had been on the A61 for some time, and was not turning off.

I can't remember how many instructions I got, but the report shows that there were 4 "now bear right" instructions one after the other - I think that that is what I heard.

12.10.2010, 15:13
I also got similar incorrect "now bear right" errors in different places, as reported here:
The last one is near a more complicated junction, so it could have got confused. The first 2 are on simple roads with no junctions.

skobbler team
12.10.2010, 15:32
Thanks for the provided details. We will investigate this a try to fix this as soon as possible

24.12.2010, 23:23
This problem still exists. I travelled along the same road a few days ago and got the some incorrect "bear right" instructions. Any idea as to when it will be fixed or what is causing the problem (so it could be "fixed" in the OSM data)?

06.01.2011, 13:20
I bring this to the attention of our Developers again so that they check on it . Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Best regards,