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08.10.2010, 22:58
Been using Skobbler for a while now but found it hard to enter destinations. Sucking addresses from my contacts on iPhone is a bit hit and miss - sometimes can't find address; *but* I've just worked out how to do it online - and now "my locations" have q few of my favourite destinations - and I can now start buliding :-)
So now - how do I put POI's into there - each one manually? That would appear cumbersome and inconvenient. Hope someone's got some tips.[/SIZE]

skobbler team
11.10.2010, 10:24
Hi Pedro,

I'm not sure I understood your question, but here are some indications that might help you when it comes to POI's :

1. You can only add POI's on the German and Romanian version of the online portal ("http://beta.skobbler.de/", "http://beta.skobbler.ro/");
2. If you already have an account on the online portal, you can use the same credentials on the mobile client to sync your favorites and POI's;
3. We don't have yet an automated process for adding POI's but we are definitely taking this into consideration in future versions.

Hope this information helps you.

21.10.2010, 23:51
How do you sync/import contacts from iPhone? Also how do I delete favourite locations from Skobbler on iPhone? Otherwise very impressed with the app :)

skobbler team
22.10.2010, 12:37
Hi rocksy,

To delete a favorite location you need to slide your finger left or right on the list item/favorite location and a red delete button will appear on the right.