View Full Version : Suggestion - Map Downloads

04.10.2010, 19:51
I know this is not how Skobbler works but I'd love the option of being able to download a full map so that I don't need a data connection. I understand this takes a lot of memory but I can live with that. It would make the app much more useful for me.

10.11.2010, 13:34
Then our "ForeverMap Europe" might be of interest to you. It's a digital map which comprises all of Europe and is designed to be used offline only. However, please note that this is not a navigation system, but "only" maps.
In order for skobbler to function the way you suggested, we'd have to develop a completely new app because of technical reasons. Simply implementing an "offline"-button wouldn't work; the system is not programmed that way.

All the best,