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27.09.2010, 16:21
I mentioned in an earlier post that skobbler does not appear in the Android Market for me. I sideloaded Skobbler apk from a copy I obtained from another user.

I'm using an Archos A5IT, on which it works perfectly when tethered to my Nokia N97 phone. I got my copy from Peter Smithson, who posted in the International Forum. Oddly, he also has an Archos, but it "shows" on the Market on his Archos. They all run Android 1.6.

I can't get updates though, because Skobbler is not showing up on the Market. Can you think why Skobbler does not show up for my Archos? In fact, for some strange reason, Peter seems to be the only Archos user who does see Skobbler on the Market.

Which Market criteria do you use when deciding where to allow Skobbler to be "seen"?

Does the Archos 5 Android need to go onto a Whitelist?

Having got it to work, I'd like to keep Skobbler up to date. I noticed you promised another user an update this week, which will solve his problem.

Thanks in anticipation.