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25.09.2010, 20:42

I'm using the US version and though I have used the application without any problems in the past, now get the error " Service currently unavailable. Please try again later." when selecting the "Take me there" option. This error occurs regardless of the address used or the navigation mode selected. Is this a system-wide error? :confused:

The ability to "Show on map" is still working fine (for both new addresses and favorites), it is only when trying to get directions ("Take me there" option) that the error occurs.

Thank you.

26.09.2010, 02:18
I'm seeing this as well.

26.09.2010, 03:40
I am getting the same message:confused:

Anyone figure it out yet?

26.09.2010, 06:41
I have received this message since yesterday. we can't figure out how to fix it either. We deleted it and then reinstalled and nothing. I really love using this app so I'm bummed that it's not working. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

26.09.2010, 16:23
App is now working properly again for me (I didn't change anything or re-install....just waited) Is anyone still having this problem?

27.11.2010, 02:24
I am having this issue...just added this app on my iphone

27.11.2010, 03:22
That makes quite a lot of us. just installed. it asks me to choose method. i choose by car & then get "Service currently unavailable. Please try again later." solutions?

27.11.2010, 04:50
I'm a long-time user and I'm seeing this message also. I hope it is just a temporary condition that will correct itself when the server comes back online.

27.11.2010, 22:38
I've been experiencing this issue for the last day or two as well. I waited a day for the service to be restored to no avail. The solution I found was to delete the app and reinstall the app to solve the issue.

The question is, what are some of the most recent actions you have done in the skobbler app in order to get the error? For me it was to "quit navigation" and close the app. After relaunching and trying to navigate when selecting the "Take me there" option I get the "Error: Service currently unavailable. Please try again later"

Using: iPhone 3GS w/iOS 4.2.1

30.11.2010, 23:07
Hey guys,
we are currently checking what this is all about. I will get back to you tomorrow with an update.

Best regards,

01.12.2010, 12:59
We are still investigating. Can you please let me know in the meantime if this error message still occurs or if the app works again?

Thanks and best,

15.02.2011, 20:13
Hi, the app worked great for me yesterday. Today i receive this message 'Service currently unavailable. Please try again later.'

Any feedback?

16.02.2011, 04:43
I'm getting this also today.

16.02.2011, 11:26
We are currently checking what's going on. I'll drop you a line later today, as soon as we figured out what the problem is (might be on server side).

Best regards,

17.02.2011, 16:58
Should be working again. Can you confirm it's ok?

Best regards,

17.02.2011, 17:22
It works for me now. Thanks!