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21.09.2010, 16:12
I have seen that skobbler is already available for italian users on android platform.
Do you plan to release an iphone version for the italian app store soon?

Thank you for the reply

skobbler team
22.09.2010, 13:42
Hi svezio,

Thank you for getting in touch. Skobbler is based on OpenStreetMap, and the level of progression depends on that. In some countries, the coverage and data quality is simply not at the level required for good car navigation yet, so it's gonna be a while before it'll make it.

Other great things are to come sooner though.

Best regards,
Skobbler team.

16.11.2010, 13:56

as an ex italian's Tele Atlas employee (now best known as TOMTOM) may I help you to develop your project in my country ?

18.11.2010, 17:24

And thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, we cannot make use of it at the moment but we will get in touch with you should this change.

All the best,