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21.09.2010, 16:05
I have recently started using Skobbler on my iphone as a directional aid whilst walking ; be it towns/cities or countryside.
I tried the local search out of curiosity and to see how well it worked. I was at home at the time so knew what results should come thru.
What surprised me was it told me my nearest supermarket was my nearest Hospital !
How can I correct this ?

skobbler team
22.09.2010, 12:36
Hi Trecelyn,

Thank you for getting in touch. Iím sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem while using skobbler .

In order to solve this problem, please provide detailed information about your search: Street, City, State, Country, Supermarket name and Hospital name.

Skobbler Team.

24.09.2010, 22:23
Sorry for the delayed reply.
My search details were as follows
I am searching in the NP12 area of the UK (Gwent) for my nearest supermarket as a 'test' of the software.. I have tried using my postcode and town name as the "Where" on different searches and the same result comes up.
I am virtually overlooking an Asda store so was expecting that to be the 1st result (High St., Blackwood, Gwent,UK). However, Ystrad Mynach Hospital, Caerphilly Rd., Hengoed came up as the 1st 'supermarket'.
Furthermore, I have to pass several supermarkets to get to the hospital, including a large Tesco.

Both results are the same when using 3G and WiFi.

From what I've read on other forums I shouldn't rely on postcodes so I'll stop using them and just use place names in future.