View Full Version : smaller roads vanish at middle zoom level

30.01.2013, 23:32
Of course the small roads vanish as you zoom out, that's normal. But they should not vanish as you zoom IN. With the 7" tablet held vertical, the small roads are clearly visible when the width spans about 12-15 miles. Click on + once, all the roads vanish (just as the road LABELS start to appear), click + again, they still can't be seen, then click + again, and finally they are wide enough to see (at about 3/4 mile screen width). What is happening is that the road line width scales fine too soon, and they are rendered white on barely off white, which is far too little contrast to see them.
So: is there any way to change the background color to something a little darker? Or make the roads render black or at least darker? Or have them scale fine at a closer zoom. Whatever, but something must be done, since this zoom range is the most needed for local navigation. This is probably OpenStreetMaps fault, since their map on a desktop looks the same, except the screen resolution is good enough to see the darker edges bordering the white roads. Those edges are quite invisible on the tablet at those two zoom levels. The simplest solution would be to define the background a shade or two darker.

06.02.2013, 15:50
Thanks for that info, I'll pass it on to our team so that they can check on it.