View Full Version : Access to Skobbler bug reports?

06.09.2010, 19:52
In the US, there are still many routing problems with roads from the TIGER that haven't been fully verified and tagged with one-way, turn restrictions, and speed limits.

As an OpenStreetMap Mapper, is there any way I can get access to Skobbler bug reports in a specific area that have been caused by map data so that I can fix them?

06.09.2010, 20:08
Never mind -- I found the 'bugs' button on this web site. At first, I was looking in openstreetbugs.org ...


skobbler team
07.09.2010, 10:01
Hi bikeoid,

Indeed you can access the reported map bugs through the Skobbler site, "bugs" menu. In the near future you'll also be able to subscribe to bug notifications for a certain map area, making a lot easier to spot new bug reports / changes to existing ones.

Best regards,