View Full Version : skobber cannot register

05.09.2010, 22:29
I keep trying to register for skobbler as I downloaded it to my iphone but it keeps rejecting but no info as why? I have tried many times with the same results jim_joh

05.09.2010, 22:47
you don't need to register to use skobbler...

anyway, if you want to register try http://www.skobbler.us/account/register

skobbler team
07.09.2010, 15:12
Hi jim_joh,

thanks for getting in touch. You don't necessarily need to be registered to use skobbler, just press "Skip" when prompted to login. Obviously, being registered brings you some benefits.
Could you try using a different username / password while registering, no special characters?
If the problem persists, please contact support at skobbler.com with the specific details.

Best regards,