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04.09.2010, 16:53
On My Skobbler online you can add addresses but what about removing them?
Whats the difference between My Addresses and My Locations? You click add location, save an address but it appears in My Addresses?
Skobbler seems to be slow in calculating a new route
App does not route correctly or handle lane guidance well at large roundabouts / junctions
There seems to be a lag when browsing the pages under Settings on the skobbler app
There seems to be no way of setting a recent destination as favorite
Can't seem to go landscape, if you rotate the map the icon indicating where you are moves off the screen

skobbler team
07.09.2010, 15:40
@free.heron: thank you for getting in touch, I appreciate that you took the time to write us.
To your points:
1. It's a bug, and we're working on fixing it asap
2. You can use both My Addresses and My Locations to get to your destination. We'll nevertheless come with an update in that area, so stay tuned.
3. Skobbler uses an online service to get the route, so routing performance depends on internet bandwidth to some degree. Works best if you have 3G coverage.
4. Map data may be a bit inaccurate in some regions (see OSM) but generally it should perform well. Please report a map bug from the application if you encounter obvious problems.
5. We'll look into it; I'd appreciate if you have further information about this
6. It's on our list, see #2
7. Our team is working on that feature but I can't commit to a timeline. Stay tuned.

Best regards,