View Full Version : Download maps of current route whilst signal is available?

02.09.2010, 16:40
I was on a journey to Bristol yesterday and the phone rang during an Edge connection. As a result the map disappeared as you can't have data and phone simultaneously.

It occured to me that Skobbler could have downloaded the tiles required for the route during the first hour of my journey whilst I had 3G and would then have been able to continue to show the map whilst I was on the phone.

skobbler team
13.09.2010, 15:04

Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, skobbler application works also after receiving a phone call and on Edge connection.
After receiving a phone call, skobbler reconnects automatically and uses the user current position in order to provide the map data and the route informations.
Also, the app works normal on Edge connection.

Please let us know if we may help you with anything else.

Best regards, Dana M