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30.08.2010, 17:40
Hi. First, thanks for such a useful program. It works very well and I'm very pleased with it. Having said that, I'd like to offer a few suggestions that might make it even a bit better...

First: When generating a route, I am often in a parking lot or some other area that is removed from a proper road. In these instances, Skobbler appears to have generated a route, but that route is not displayed - even when I drive from the lot to the main road, the blue line indicating the route doesn't show up. It would be helpful to display a routing line that shows up along the road at the point closest to where skobbler's GPS indicates its current position to be.

Second: When a route is generated, it would be IMMENSELY helpful to be able to display the entire route before departing, rather than having Skobbler reveal the route to me one segment at a time as I maneuver along the route. Yes, I know that I can zoom out, but if there's a long segment, it's very inconvenient to do that. A simple route summary button, which could be presented with its own icon or combined on the icon with "repeat instruction", would be a great improvement.

Third: when using the local search feature, there should be an option to broaden the search area beyond five miles. In the US particularly, many cities are quite large; putting in a city name frequently centers the search on only the city center, and the city proper can cover many hundreds of square miles beyond that five mile radius.

Fourth: It's great that skobbler provides a choice between pedestrian and automobile directions; this should be able to be set as a user-selectable default. So, I could switch in the preferences to pedestrian routing, automotive routing, or "always ask". You could then show a phrase such as "generating pedestrian route" or display the words "pedestrian route" or "automotive route" as the route is first displayed to the user so that they would be reminded that they had set this default, and could switch route types if they so desired.

Also - you may want to have a separate "suggestions" thread in the forums, just to make it easier for yourselves and us users to keep track of what's been suggested and hash things out.

Again, many thanks.

skobbler team
13.09.2010, 14:12

Thanks for your suggestions, some of this issues are definitely on our list - however, it's gonna be a while before it'll make it into the app.
Other great things are to come sooner though. Promised.
Thank you for your encouraging feed-back.

Best regards, Dana M