View Full Version : Boltic countries, Lithuania

26.08.2010, 22:29

Do you have plans for Lithuania?
I even can`t find it on my appstore, downloaded it with US account, but i can see maps only for US, Canada, Mexico Puerto Rico..

You guys rock!

skobbler team
13.09.2010, 09:16
Hello Rocky,

Thank you for getting in touch. At the moment we don't have a version especially for Lithuania. This is definitely on our list.
You can download Skobbler with a DE account. This version has european countries and you can use it also for Lithuania.
Please let us know if we may help you with anything else. Thank you for your encouraging feed-back.


14.09.2010, 11:03
Thanks for reply! I am just wondering, skobbler us is free version in appstore, but as i see de version isnt. Am i correct? Or maybe there is some mistake?

Thanks guys!

skobbler team
14.09.2010, 13:28
Hello Rocky,

The information in the app store DE is correct. Due to different market conditions and strategies, there is no free Skobbler for main land Europe at the moment.
Thank you for your continuing interest in Skobbler and let us know if we may help you with anything else.