View Full Version : Suggestion - Version forSatNav Systems... Please!

23.08.2010, 11:40

I have a Medion GoPal SatNav which for driving has is better screen than my HTC Desire as the screen is larger and easier to see in the sun. I would be very interested in a version of Skobbler for this machine as I am sure other owners would be for their TomToms, etc.

As time goes on a lot of these machines beome obsolete for no reason other than a lack of support from those companies, which is a pity and it is not very enviromentally friendly. This could revive these machines and when connected to a computer could download new updated maps and upload things the user has discovered during their trip ie closed roads, new roads, shops, etc.

Also you could sell stickers (badges) for people to cover the original SatNav name and provide you with free advertising and a small amount of revenue.

By the way I would be willing to test out the software on my SatNav should you go ahead with this idea.


26.08.2010, 06:54
As interesting as the idea is, we have to focus on certain platforms as each new platform is a ton of additional work that requires an entire team of developers taking care of the respective version. In short: we simply cannot afford to cover all kinds of platforms simultaneously, we need to focus. That's why we're only going for iPhone and Android at this point.