View Full Version : Error message: Location Not Available

21.08.2010, 16:33
Whenever I attempt to enter a location and do a search I get the "location not available" error message. It says that I need to "allow skobbler access" and I read in another thread that you do this by going to "Settings" then "General" then "Location Services". However, There is no "Location Services" listed in "General" in my Skobbler nor in any of the other services. What do I do????

23.08.2010, 10:04
You can enable location services by entering the iPhone's Settings --> General --> Location Services menu. Please make sure that both Location Services and skobbler are "On" in this menu.

23.08.2010, 11:33
Thanks, that solved the problem. Skobbler needs to clarify in their manual that you need to go to the iPhone settings to turn this on.