View Full Version : Reporting Non-Mapping Bugs?

19.08.2010, 11:05
Just installed skobbler and tested it out on the way to work this morning, all worked fine but I noticed a couple of things that I wanted to raise, however I can only see how to report bugs in the map itself, not the application.

Where can I report the following issues:

1. When approaching a roundabout I'm always advised to take the '1st Exit' even when this is incorrect. The map itself is displaying the fact that I need to take the correct exit.

2. The roundabout helper graphic at the bottom left of the screen assumes that you are driving on the right - I'm in the UK and they frown on that around here ;-)

23.08.2010, 10:00
You can report them right here in the forum ;) Thanks for the helpful feedback. We're looking into it.