View Full Version : ROUTE FROM FLORIDA I-75 up through to Nashville, TN All Highway...

11.08.2010, 15:41
Skobbler wants me to get off the exits pretty much every exit.. and then get back on again.

i.e. "Please exit right in 600 feet. Now, turn right. Please u-turn and turn right to enter highway. Go another 25(+) miles. .. then next exit.. does the same thing.
repeats over and over... at MOST if not all exits along this highway.. (2 1/3 - 3 states worth)..
Same on the way back (return trip).

This was a one time trip.. and probably won't happen again for a long time.

23.08.2010, 09:48
That's very annoying indeed. Hopefully things have improved a bit with the 3.0. version. We're diligently working on sorting out the most general routing issues altogether though. It'll only take a few more weeks.