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08.08.2010, 10:30

I was using Skobbler yesterday and it was pretty good. However, I had a thought, I get those very so often, when we divert from your intended route it is normally for a reason. It could be because there has been an accident, you want something to eat or the road is closed for road works.

So my idea is that when we divert from our intended route could you not offer up two buttons. One would be Rest Stop and the second Road Closed. They would automatically appear and you would press one of them (ok, your passenger should do this for UK law reasons). If it is a Rest Stop then Skobbler would stop providing information when you have halted for more that a few minutes and shutdown the GPS.
This is just a suggestion and I don't know of any other SatNav system which offers this feature. At the moment Skobbler doesn't even have a pause feature if you do stop to eat and you have to re-enter the data again, or at least that is what I have to do.

Please feel free to add suggestions or lambaste my suggestion. ;-)


23.08.2010, 09:53
Thanks for the interesting thought. We're toying around with a few ideas in that area. Wait and see what comes of it ;)