View Full Version : Great product - But address always shows behind the house or business

30.07.2010, 06:28

I love Skobbler. I just got my Iphone and I use Skobbler all the time.

My only problem is that the "Pin" showing my final destination always shows up behind the actual building.

For example: Both at my house and my parents, the address pin shows behind our houses in a canyon.

My concern is when I want to actually use walking directions, this is way off

Any advice

30.07.2010, 13:47
it might be a error in the map. can you give us a map extract? use http://maps.cloudmade.com/ zoom in that area you're talking about and click on permalink. Then post that link here ;)

30.07.2010, 18:33

My address is 14340 La Trucha (92129). As you can see, the numbers are far back from the street, and so SKOBBLER wants to send me along the brown trail behind my house, not along the street

Thanks for the help

PS This does not change how much I love SKOBBLER!

26.08.2010, 10:04
I have forwarded this to our QC for validation and we'll certainly look into it.