View Full Version : Cant find any addresses....

22.07.2010, 12:39
Tried adding a pin to DN6 0EP
If puts it in doncaster which is correct, but as there are no address it will not allow me to make my own droppoint.
I can manually drop the pin but when I click on next it say
Address has not been found. Please modify the search term and try again.

I tried dropping the pin then manually typing in the address but again when I click next it says address not found again...

Please help.
Hoping to use this this afternoon

22.07.2010, 12:42
Hovering the mouse over the pin reveals the postcode but It just will not allow me to update an address....

22.07.2010, 14:16
Working now, switched from I.E 7 to firefox and it works perfect :)