View Full Version : Skobbler updating from OpenStreetMap

09.07.2010, 17:42
I have signed up for OpenStreetMap and made a couple of changes over the last couple of days. They have been changed in OpenStreetMap (they appear even when I'm not logged in) but they haven't yet updated in Skobbler. Does it take time for the changes to appear? To me the main attraction of Skobbler is that you can make changes.


14.07.2010, 09:20
We do not use the direct OpenStreetMap material, but the "interpretation" of the OSM data by a company named CloudMade. Although they provide very prompt updates of their map interpretation, they cannot deliver in realtime. Usually it takes about 72 hours until OSM changes appear.

21.07.2010, 15:54
Thanks Marcus,

They must take longer than that, the updates still haven't been done. That's 11 days days. Thanks anyway.