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08.07.2010, 09:32
First off, I'm going to try to NOT be an ass like all the other posters on the US side of this forum seem to be about a program that just released to the US for FREE being mainly developed and supported by people not even in the country. Way to go for making the rest of us look like dicks. /rant off

Question about the map. I know they use the open mapping stuff and I've even created an account there and have been updating and adding to the map since in a few areas (as has been reported) the streets are very much in need of assistance. One ways being probably the biggest issue. Question is, how long before Skobbler updates its maps? I've made changes that are showing on the main OpenStreetMap website but not in the Skobbler app.

Also, does anybody here know (and this is probably an OSM question) is there a way to get better information into OSM and get rid of that crap Tiger upload? I've found streets going straight through shopping malls, my entire city steets are "off" by 500 feet or so south, up by my grandmothers house. I've gone through and fixed some of these, but I'm not gonna be able to get all of it, and that seems like a heck of a large problem to hope people get around to fixing.

I guess thats all. You guys have a great thing going here, especially having to rely on outdated and incomplete maps but thats the joy of it being free.

08.07.2010, 21:06
I'll just answer the OSM questions. First of all, great to hear that you have registered on OSM and have started contributing. Welcome to the community.

One way roads and turn restrictions indeed are currently still a problem in the US, as this information is not included in the Tiger data, so it is only available where people have manually added it so far. The tiger data can indeed by quite poor in areas (it differs widely in quality from county to county) and there have been debates about if it was a good idea to include it into OSM or not. The alternative though (which is how the data in the rest of the world was gathered) is not "to get better information", but do it the "traditional OSM way", which is to start with a "blank canvas" and manually add one street at a time from gps track logs. This "traditional OSM surveying" has the advantage that it usually produces much higher quality data than the tiger data in the US, but has the disadvantage of initially missing many streets, especially in rural areas. So it sounds like you have been doing the right thing by going through the data and fixing it where you notice errors. This way you can also add much of the richness for which OSM data is often known, like POIs, that is not contained in the tiger data. Yes, it is a heck of a large feet, but if you have enough people working on it, it can be done surprisingly fast and accurately. So the best way to get it fixed is to do as many roads in your area as you enjoy and then try and convince some of your friends or relatives to improve a few roads near them too. In the US, OSM is still a bit in its infancy compared to e.g. countries like Germany, where you can really see that OSM can produce much higher quality and more up to date maps than any of the other commercial map providers, just by the power of its users and crowd sourcing. But the US will hopefully catch up quite rapidly once OSM becomes more known.

Hope that answers some of your questions