View Full Version : Crashed when touching Download button! on IPAD 2.

13.12.2012, 06:36
I just bought the foreevermaps for IPAD 2, it keeps on crashing when you try to download. I tried off and on, re-start..etc still crashes!!

Any help out there??

09.01.2013, 16:27
Hi, which iOS is installed on your iPad and jailbreak yes/no? Reinstallation of app (= hard method) has also been tried already?


03.02.2013, 20:28
Hi Christin, I am having the same problem. The App crashed as soon as I touch the download maps but on my iPad 2 IOS 6.1 is installed. I have power cycled the iPad, re-installed the app, and a hard reset. The iPad is not jail-broken. Any assistance would be greatly appropriated as I am very excited to start using the App. Thanks

Mike F
08.03.2013, 16:14
Same problem - North American version on ios6. When does load goes to map download page but no choices of maps and app freezes....