View Full Version : Have you looked at the features of Waze - some excellent ideas there

02.07.2010, 18:14
I am new to Skobbler, but love the concept and fully support Open Street Maps as a great idea. I am actively trying to map my local area on OSM in as much detail as possible. This is where my idea starts...

I have also just discovered Waze - an alternative navigation app for many mobile platforms. The difference is that Waze are building their own maps (which they retain ownership of) from the Waze mobile app. The Waze software tracks the users driving and when 2 or more users travel the same route it is automatically added to the mapping and learns much of the junction information dynamically.

Better still Waze learns about traffic conditions and average speeds on the roads from real user experience which in future could result in very high quality route calculations. They have also added some social features to see where other users are and get live updates from them.

If it wasn't for the mapping in Waze being proprietary I would see it as the perfect product. But currently their UK mapping is very poor being in it's infancy, whereas OSM would offer a high quality starting point. Waze have unfortunately rejected the concept of using OSM as they intend to use their data for commercial purposes.

Waze appears to be licensed under GPL 2 and therefore I wonder if Skobbler could start to develop in this way to build the OSM data, and build excellent quality routing data?

04.07.2010, 12:24
Great idea. We've been looking at Waze for a long time ourselves... Inspiring stuff ;)