View Full Version : Reduce the amount of voice feedback?

24.10.2012, 21:22
Is it possible to reduce the amount of times I'm prompted by skobbler to turn left/right? Sometimes when driving along 1 road, i'm told 4 or 5 times that i need to take the next left (in X hundred yards, Y hundred yards, Z hundred yards, turn left now)?

apart from that, the app is great :)


26.10.2012, 15:16
The voice commands cannot be reduced manually, sorry. However, I'll let the Team know that they should go over the voice command intervals. Maybe they see the chance to reduce them.


02.07.2013, 17:30
I would like to second that --- having an option for voice feedback would be great, i.e. the amount of feedback used. Another thing is the "please" which is greatly annoying to me as well, would be great if this could be turned off.


10.07.2013, 11:23
Hi Philip, the team is already aware of the "please" issue. ;)


23.04.2014, 10:03
We are at 2014 and Skobbler navigator is still talkative, with useless repetitions which distracts the conduction. Too many "please's". Unless the aim is the blind user. The graphical instructions are far more important then the amount of voice instructions.

23.05.2014, 10:27
Yes in my opinion there are far, far too many voice prompts in an otherwise excellent app. Of course some people might like this and it would be impossible to hardcode a perfect "verbosity level" that pleases everyone. So why not make it adjustable, with the current level being maximum and level 0 being silence? A useful addition (which is about the only feature I miss from my Garmin) would be a level 1 which has no voice prompts, but instead an alert tone prior to each turn / event on the route, to prompt the user to look at the display.