View Full Version : My manually placed pin keeps moving

24.06.2010, 16:39
(sorry for all my posting, but I'd love to get this application to work..)

On my locations, I place my pin manually and when it saves it moves it several hundred metres away, down the road. Why doesn't it stay put?


skobbler team
27.09.2010, 10:33
Hi steverogers5,

There are two ways in this can happen:

1. After modifying the position of the pin if you did not press the "Set" button on the lower left corner of the map and you save the address then the position is reset to the previous one. In order to avoid this please make sure to press the "Set" button.
2. After modifying the position of the pin and you did press the "Set" button if you re-verify the address then the pin position gets reset.

We hope that the above information will help you out. If not please let us know so we can find a solution.