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04.09.2012, 04:41

I purchased the world map for around 10 euro's or dollars. Downloading went fine, then it tried to install. Problem during installation, it took forever and after a while the app stops and freezes. I suspect the problem is that I don't have enough space left on my iPhone. I got only 2 GB left. So I wanted to cancel it and remove some unnecessary maps. But this is simply not possible... Whenever I restart the app and go to "Upgrades", it will ask me a question, if I want to continue to download. The problem is, I cannot say "no" to this question, it only lets me say "OK". So it will then freeze again after a minute or 2. Also during installation, there is a "Cancel" button, but that button also doesn't work, it simply doesn't respond to my tap.

So now I spend around 12 euro's, but the app is unusable. How can I make it stop downloading / installing so I can remove some maps?
It seems the only thing I can do now, is remove the app completely, but I am afraid that I have to purchase everything all over again.

Please advise....

P.s. Perhaps the reason why the app freezes has to do with the "Jordanie" map, it is nonstop freezing on that map. But still, the bug remains that I cannot cancel the installation.

UPDATE: Well I fixed it meanwhile, although I had to restore my iPhone completely. I tried removing the navigation app, it went well, but it did NOT remove the data. So then I was in the situation of no app, but still no free diskspace. So then I tried to put a backup back from iTunes. Turns out that after that, I had the navigation app back, but my iPhone now still had all the GB of data and it didn't belong anywhere anymore. So the only way to get rid of all the data and make sure I have enough free space again, was to completely recover my iPhone back to the beginning state. Horrible, but I had to do it.

Guys this really is a bug.

05.09.2012, 09:48
Please have a look at our FAQs here in the Forum and check the "How do I navigate offline"-thread. A lot of good advice is put there to avoid problems as described above. Sorry you had to go through the hassle of restoring your iPhone.

Many greetings