View Full Version : using Skobbler GPS Nav2 on iPOD Touch 4G

02.09.2012, 17:37
I have a few questions regarding the use of GPS Nav on an iPOD Touch 4G. I use a Bluetooth GPS receiver (Adapt AD 750).

First of all, I can't make the map face in the direction I go. According to the help file you have to tap a few times on the localisation arrow but that gives me only two options: map will follow your position or map has been centered on your position. How can I make the map face my direction?

Secondly, If a receive a good GPS signal (which I can see on the map) but I am not on a main road starting the navigations part says: GPS signal not found ... Only when I am on a main road i can start navigation.

For the rest a good app, allthough sko-Pilot is slow and always behind my real position (even when I just walk).


05.09.2012, 10:48
Hi Peter,
Please note that our GPS Navigation 2 requires an internal GPS receiver to work properly. We tested the TomTom CarKit alright as an external GPS receiver but I cannot say anything about the device you use. It might very well be that you experience the trouble because of the lack of a built-in GPS receiver/your external GPS receiver which is not supported.

As for the map issue:
If the grey arrow is not enabled and blue but still grey, the map is centered on your position and it does indeed face the direction you go; this is indicated by the blue dot with the sight cone. If you turn left, the sight cone will show the blue dot facing in the left direction, too.