View Full Version : sat nav voice

18.08.2012, 22:02
i cant activate the voice on sat nav.

22.08.2012, 09:48
During navigation tap on the screen to open the internal settings. You can switch the voice advice on and off by tapping the icon in the upper left. Please note that the icon always shows its function and not the current status of the volume. Make sure it says "Voice off" so that you can adjust the volume control to your needs.

Please make sure that the internal volume is turned up and that your device itself is not set to mute.


09.09.2012, 22:33
HI, i can't activate the voice on my sat nav either and i have tried what you said and it has not worked. After switing it to voice off to turn up the volume do you leave it, or turn it back on? but i have tried both and it hasnt worked.

13.09.2012, 11:15
Leave it at "Voice off" so that you can adjust the volume slider. If all settings are ok as described above, you should hear the voice so I'm not sure why you don't. During the first start of the app, did you make sure that the sound files were properly downloaded?

In any case, you should reboot your dedive to give it a fresh start. Does it work now?