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10.08.2012, 07:30

How can the app work fine first thing in the morning but when I close the app and re-open it, it tells me I have no signal:confused:
This app is just too unstable to rely on as a navigation device (Shame as that is what I have paid for). In 'maps' it finds my current location but in 'navigation mode' it tells me "No signal"!! How can this be so?
I have an iPhone 4 and running 5.1.1
I look forward to your reply.

13.08.2012, 13:33
I am experiencing exactly the same, it worked the first day running but after that it has only returned the message "no GPS signal". It is installed on an iPhone 4s, sw ver.4.2.1 & firmware ver 5.1.1. with OpenstreepMap installed for offline usage. I hope we can get some help on this :-/

16.08.2012, 09:55
A work-around was posted here http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/2428-Apple-4s-can-t-get-GPS.

The Team will look into the matter.