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02.08.2012, 15:16
Hi all,

I wonder which countries are all in the world maps.
Can these countries also separately install or is it a package?
I want to know this because of the space on my iphone



05.08.2012, 09:22
You can install and uninstall all countries individually at any time. There's a whole lot of countries. Are you looking for any particular ones?

06.08.2012, 12:32
Hi All,

Thanks for the answers. i have buy the maps of the world and downloaded some european countrys....

23.08.2012, 10:49
I am looking for a specific country (China) before I buy the application and world map.
If I understood correctly I need to buy the GPS Navigation 2 app @ €1,59 and the world map @ €10,00
And then I can download China?

What is the quality of the Chinese map? Is it the same as I would go to http://www.openstreetmap.org/ ? If so that would be fine.

thnx for answering.

23.08.2012, 13:44
Yes, first get the app and then the world map package. Have a look at our FAQs here in the Forum regarding map installation. And yes, we use the OSM maps.


23.08.2012, 14:04
Before posting the question I have read a lot, including the FAQ.

I presumed maybe wrongly that the mapformat needed to be worked on for the offline maps and this means that not all osm data needed to be used to build the offline maps.
Like for instance you can use osm maps on a garmin but they have to be translated and some or a lot can be lost in translation.

Regarding this translation I was not sure if China would have been translated or not. But from your answer I deduct that the offline mapformat closely follows the raw data on the osm servers and is regularly updated.