View Full Version : Managing Forever Maps - need to free up space...

27.07.2012, 03:21
Got Europe on the phone and looking forward to using it in Spain. However, put Germany on and don't really need it. Takes up lots of space. How do I remove Germany while keeping Spain on?

Thanks in advance,


27.07.2012, 08:37
Are you sure that we're talking about ForeverMap and not GPS Navigation 2?

02.08.2012, 04:14
Let's see. I open GPS2 and check under Installable Maps I click on Purchase a continent and it says for Europe "Installed".
Now I would just like Spain. What can I do to free up space on my phone?

05.08.2012, 09:33
Ok, so it's GPS Navigation 2. ForeverMap is a different app.
You need to go to "Upgrades" --> "Installation status" --> "Purchased". You'll find the Europe package there. When you click on the package, it will show you the individual countries within this package. You can select which countries to install / uninstall on that screen.

05.08.2012, 16:26
I did what you said and uninstalled the Germany map. But, didn't see a change in iTunes of the App space on the phone's drive.
So, I removed GPS2 from the phone and reinstalled. The app reinstalled, but not the Spain map that I had purchased. Now when I go to to reinstall it wants me to buy the map.

Any suggestions.

05.08.2012, 17:11
Never mind... Spain became a available for redownload and install. Not sure how it happened.