View Full Version : Availability of lastest version on US iTunes store?

25.07.2012, 12:46
Couple of maintenance questions:

1. When should the latest version of GPS nav 2 be available on the US itunes store? At the moment the US store lists v4.1

2. Having upgraded, what is the process to get access to the latest versions of maps for offline use? I bought my country map through in app purchase and the last time I downloaded it, the version that appeared on my phone was several months old and lacked a lot of updates that had been corrected in the then current version of the same map, accessible through OpenStreetMaps online

thanks & regards

26.07.2012, 19:16
1. We haven't finally decided yet. Either next week or the week after.
2. That's a current weakness indeed. Right now, the maps are only updated together with the app itself. That'll be improved in one of the upcoming versions though.