View Full Version : Is there a User's Guide?

17.07.2012, 21:15
I am new with an iPod touch & have the navig. app.: I enter a destination address; how do I save It? How do I mark it as a favorite? How do I add address & other info for contacts?

20.07.2012, 11:11
Please note that navigation with iPod devices ain't possible outisde wifi networks because the iPod does not have an internal GPS receiver which is essential though for our GPS-based program. You'd need to get a TomTom CarKit as external GPS receiver - this tool is tested by the Team and confirmed to work with iPods.

To save addresses as favorites, please go to the favorite button itself and save it there. To add conacts, you need to add them in the contact list of your device first so that the app then can use those added contacts.

Best regards