View Full Version : Stuck on Map Updates Available page

05.07.2012, 11:52

I bought the maps for use offline which worked fine. The maps have been updated recently (but I havent downloaded them yet) and now whenever I start the app up, it stays on the Map Updates Available screen, asking me if I want to download now, or later. I cant see any way to get past this page.

I'm using the app on the iPhone 4s, not jailbroken.


06.07.2012, 11:38
Sorry for the hassle after the update - please delete the app, restart your device, and then reinstall the program. That will remedy the issue.

After reinstallation, your get your purchased maps back as follows:

Start the app --> Upgrades --> Redownload --> enter here the password for the Apple ID (= email address) with which you bought the app and the map package the first time --> You have now access to your purchased maps again, for free. Install the maps you need via wifi connection in the "Purchased" section and you can use the program offline.


06.07.2012, 14:48
That's fixed it. Thanks!