View Full Version : Going to Travel in Spain but want GPS commands in English...

04.07.2012, 19:50
I think I was able to get the Spain/Portugal map but not sure. Just remember choosing Spain/Portugal in the setup. Now it' shows NYC maps but in Spanish language.

What can I do to check:
1. If I still need to get ForeverMap Europe
2. Switch to English

Thanks in advance.


05.07.2012, 05:17
Never mind. I see that all I had to do was go to upgrades and download the European Maps. Now, I picked Spain. So, will it automatically go to those maps when I log in when I get to Spain? Or, do I have to alter the configuration?

06.07.2012, 11:40
Proceed as follows for offline usage:

Go to Upgrades --> Installable maps --> and purchase Europe here. Please have a look at the following map installation instruction: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/1595-How-do-I-install-deinstall-a-map

For offline usage, please note:

After map installation, start the app --> Navigation --> Settings --> Mode --> select "offline" here.

Also, please make sure you don't switch airplane mode on. If that is the case, the app cannot work because this mode does not only disable any internet connection but also the GPS receiver which is essential though for our GPS-based program to work.