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29.06.2012, 22:37
Have been using the Nav app for a week or so now and am quite happy (would like to make the voice turn instructions louder out of aux and would also like a more dash mounted friendly destination address input method)

Am about to go on first longer trip (more than 30 minute) where I need to travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to Aabenraa, Denmark. It is a trip of about 300km and should take about 3hours. The nav route selected by the app is perfect, BUT it shows the distance as around 100km with a journey time of an hour.

Any ideas as to how to get it to show the total distance and time for the route selected?


04.07.2012, 16:27
We checked that on our devices (same route) and couldn't find the problem. Therefore, please let me know:

- Which device do you use?
- Which iOS is currently installed?
- Jailbreak yes/no?

Thanks and greetings