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29.06.2012, 20:35
I have purchased maps & tested the app some at home, but I notice that for best routing, I really need the hybrid mode. The offline mode is too limited for me if I don't know an area well.

Realistically, how much data does the hybrid mode use? I am traveling to Belgium/France soon, and I have the maps downloaded and will have an international data plan, so some minor data usage is OK.


04.07.2012, 13:57
Usually the hybrid mode does not need much internet connection; only for the address search (to get the house numbers online, for example). However, depending on how many times the app needs to recalculate your route, the data volume may vary.
I suggest that when you start the navigation, use hybrid mode. Once the route has been calculated, switch to offline mode and use "recent destination". All downloaded info in hybrid mode will still be available then and you can navigate offline.


21.06.2013, 11:52
Hi Christin/Skobbler Team,

you say all the right things, but don't really answer the question. I'm also interested to know how much data is consumed in hybrid mode.

Thank you,

25.06.2013, 10:48
The question cannot be answered with a fix "hybrid mode needs XX data" because of the reasons mentioned above.