View Full Version : Absolutely terrible since the update

25.06.2012, 21:34
I've been using Skobbler for around a year and it's always been great, bar the odd little hiccup here or there.

Since the update it's became terrible.

It's giving me the wrong directions, the voice will sometimes tell me to do things like go left while the screen is (correctly) displaying a right turn etc.
Routing is awful, with it frequently picking the longest most complicated route, recalculation times seem longer too. It's actually so bad it's not worth using currently.

I have tried filling out error reports on my journeys but these are not the most practical thing to do. Not to mention it throws up an error message when you try and submit them.

I have sent an email also asking if there is any way I can downgrade to the previous version.

It is a shame because this is an app I have always recommended to people in the past and I don't feel like I can do that anymore.

Using an iPhone 4S, based in the UK.

27.06.2012, 14:04
We emailed already.

To the rest:
Detailed information is needed (which route, area etc., device, iOS, jailbreak yes/no) so that our Team can check these issues directly.