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21.06.2012, 17:15
if i start with make destinationa dress then first i have to write the city, then he asks for name of the street, then housnumer and then always there is a window that said: no house number, the house number was not found. Then i place house number after click on ok and then..how to go further; there is my housenumber but i can not bring it in the adress.

27.06.2012, 14:14
The problem with the house numbers is due to the fact that the OSM Community hasn't mapped many house numbers yet, and since OSM is the basis for our map material, the app has problems with the search for them.

We are already working on a solution to that and hope to implement it soon. In the meantime the app can only navigate you in offline mode to the street.


27.06.2012, 15:07
Thankx; is clear. Today i noticed too that if the app has not the street ( i was in a wood) he says nothing. I think is the same; is there is no street, nothing happens.