View Full Version : Cannot download maps of US

19.05.2012, 03:53
I just purchased the complete Skobbler GPS Nav 2 World maps to download onto my new iPad. However, after downloading all of North America, I find that no maps of the US have downloaded. The US does not appear listed under either the "Purchased" or "Installed" tab for the available maps. Can someone explain to me what the problem is.

20.05.2012, 19:13
In case anyone is interested, I did figure out how to download the US maps. Even though the US does not appear in the "Purchased" list after I thought I downloaded all of North America, I found that after uninstalling a couple of smaller North American countries, then North America and the US re-appear in the "Purchased" list. I then checked all of the US states I wanted to install and they all installed fine.