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15.05.2012, 13:30
This might sound like a bit of an odd question, but what countries does the Europe download include? I'm heading off to Cyprus next week and I would have taken my TomTom sat nav but I recently found out that they don't do maps of Cyprus. Does the Europe/World downloads include Cyprus? Thanks

16.05.2012, 18:41
Yes, Cyprus is included. :)


28.03.2013, 16:29
Very reasonable question, though answer is not complete at all.

Will you please answer:
- What countries does Europe downloads include? Please provide a list of countries.
- What the space such download will take on my phone?
- If Europe / World downloads include Cyprus, is it possible to download it separately?

Thank you.

skobbler team
29.03.2013, 16:34
Hi muscaria,

You can find all the countries from Europe. The size of all the maps from Europe is 4.30 GB, but you do not have to download all the maps (all the countries), you can choose only Cyprus from the map list. You simply buy the whole Europe map, and then you choose the countries you want to download.

Best regards,
Your skobbler support team

25.06.2013, 12:09
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