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15.05.2012, 02:40
Sometimes when I pass a particular freeway interchange, I see a logo in the upper left corner which displays a number ("85" or "105") in a red circle.

Touching the icon doesn't seem to trigger an action, and it goes away after awhile.

Is this a speed warning of some sort? Or is it some sort of geographical referent?

I can't find anything on this in the instructions. I found a similar icon during a Google Image search of previous versions of this app:

Edit: is it the local speed limit in km/hr instead of mph? I'm in the USA/California/Bay Area. 105 kph is roughly 65 kph (our most common speeed limit), but 85 kph is more like 52 MPH, and the local speed limit in that section of freeway (if anything) is 45 MPH.

If this is what's going on, what governs when these signs pop up? And will they be modified for US use?

16.05.2012, 18:56
We emailed already. - closed -