View Full Version : Registering new user - experience

11.05.2012, 06:54

i am a new user here but an experienced user of many other sites/forums since 2008.
i have been using open maps with my garmin handheld since 2009

pls find below a few remarks that could help improve user experience here:
- i have started browsing through the forum using english but when initiated registration i was serviced in german - expected behavoiur is keep the language i was using
- when registering i have been asked to fill the capcha graphics - in most of the sites it is allowed to use small or big letters to be identified as human - here you have to be specific too much and separate small and big letters. this could have been allowed IF somebody mentioned in teh description 'pls use small and big letters as they are understood to be different'. why complicating life to humans when it is not so critical here?

jope to be of further help to the map community ;)