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01.05.2012, 20:28

I've installed ForeverMap Lite on Android 2.3.6 and now I'm trying to download any maps. However, when I press "Download", ForeverMap says "WiFi not available", presenting a Settings and Close button.
I can say for certain that WIFI is available. The system's WIFI status says: connected, I have an IP address and I can use the internet just fine from any browser.
Is there anything I can do to make this work (as downloading from PC and copying to/installing from the SD card doesn't work)?

Thanks in advance!

03.05.2012, 14:18
This is a bug which needs resolving from our side. However, all staff capacities are currently used on the development of the next update of our GPS Navi 2 on iOS so I cannot say for sure when this will be fixed. Sorry I don't have any better news at the moment.


05.05.2012, 17:00
Yes, well, I'm sorry to say but I'm a little disappointed right now. That means there's no way to install any map to Forevermaps..! :-/
Although you said you're busy, I really hope you get this fixed sometime soon.. Keep up the good work!

03.01.2013, 11:45
any bodt tell me how to root my HTC mobile