View Full Version : How do I search for a location in another city

29.04.2012, 19:57
I have read in the Blog that it should be possible to search for ex. Pizza places in another city or lets say Euro disney in Paris, but I failed to see how this is possible. (or is this option only possible in Forevermap and not GPS 2 nav??):confused:
My only options is to use an exact address or use coordinates. Can you change the map to another city and then use the local search option?

Anybody found a user guide for this app?

Any help is appriciated.

03.05.2012, 14:25
This is possible as follows:
Start the app --> Local search --> choose the place where you want to search for POIs --> enter the city and a street --> depending on the radius you choose, POIs will be shown for this area.