View Full Version : Starting OK, but not realising I am moving - i.e. not navigating!

26.04.2012, 12:46
I enter where I want to go OK. Then it starts, e.g. in 100 metres turn left or whatever. Then nothing. It just doesn't work. Whilst I am driving I have tried turning it off and on and it does the same thing. More or less correctly finds where I am. Then does the very first instruction, then nothing. Anyone had this problem? Anyone got any advice?

It is on an iPhone 3G and I have the UK map loaded on. Thanks, Anna

27.04.2012, 10:24
I have similar problem

30.04.2012, 19:54
Same problem here. Otherwise it happens that I drive through buildings...

03.05.2012, 14:37
Did you reboot (= restart) your devices? Too long standby-times may cause program problems.


04.05.2012, 09:10
Well that was easy... It works now! But I have another problem as well but I think i'll start a new topic